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Those who have gone before us.....

We will do our best to verify facts before a name goes on the list. Any information that you can fax or email such as an obiturary listing would be appreciated. Also any family contact information or memorial wishes.

Rest in peace our brothers and sisters......

Altman, Bruce
Carroway, Derrick
Brown, Reggie
Dismuke, Steve
Jensen, Bill
Garson, Susan
LePage, Pierre Haroldson, Deb
Shaner, Janet
Bell, Byron
Endo, Dennis
Matsui, Ron
Sudduth, Derik
Zane, Tom
Barnes, Ken
Brasley, Eddie
White, Anthony Mack,Kevin
Slater, Michael
Byias, Kenneth

David Gehling
Sharon Maves
Ann Snyder
Steve Spilman
Willie Joe Wallace
Jim Wong
Lonnie Washington Andy Tomfohrde
Victor Canepa
Jimmy Smith
Glenn Erickson
Vickie Clay
Sharon Uejo
Tawn Patterson
Vince Pistello


Please join us at our 50th Reunion where we will remember our lost friends, see old friends and celebrate being alive.