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Latest Updates as of 2020

Randy Calish profile update
passing of Vince Pistello

passing of Tawn Patterson
passing of Sharon Uejo
passing of Vicki Clay

passing of Glenn Erickson

passing of Jim Smith

Kevin Berndt Profile updated
passing of Victor Canepa
passing of Andy Tomfohrde
Cherris Johns
Profile updated
passing of Lonnie Washington June 2015
passing of Jim Wong in 2010
Ron Selak
Profile updated
Larry Vitale Profile updated and Pictures added
Scott Richardson Profile and Picture added - Honorary Classmate
Scott Erwin
Profile update and Picture

2012 updates:
Jon Stradford Profile updated and Picture added
Dale Myer Profile updated
passing of Willie Joe Wallace in September
passing of Steve Spilman in April

2011 updates:
Eldon Selvey
bio added
Cedric Price
New picture added
Anthony Jenkins
Profile and Picture added - Honorary Classmate
Linda Jorgensen
Profile update and Picture added

Denise Jacobson Profile update
ECHS Construction Photo collection completed
Triss (Pat) Mecorney Profile and Picture added

2010 updates:
Jann Abraham Profile and new picture added
Peter H.
Profile update
Added Mr. Morehouse's webpage to Honorary Classmates

Completed Ann Snyder's page
Terrie Rivers Profile and pictures
Virginia Young Profile addition
Cathy Aiello Profile update
Julie Pigford Profile and picture
Eryl Gabe Profile and picture

Deb Peterson profile and picture
Michele Butler profile and picture

Recent updates late 2009:
Passing of Ann Snyder in 2008
Passing of Sharon Maves
Kevin Berndt

Dale Myer profile
Patsy Parker profile

Added Michael Wootton's adult pictures
Added an updated picture of Curtis Tatem
Added an adult picture of Mike Wentworth from the Middle East
Added a group shot from "the annual" Verb/Stradford BBQ (see Announcements page)
Updated Picture from Nadia Bledsoe

Added Karen Ng's Grown up picture and bio info

Updated Jan of 2009:
Becky DeWalt's bio updated
Christie Monson's webpage updated to show the book she has written. 12/19/2008
Becky DeWalt added to Honorary Classmates - Welcome Becky! 12/19/2008

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The A - Z list of names was taken from the June 8, 1973 Commencement Exercises program from graduation night and the yearbook. Please let me know if I missed anybody from our class. Also let me know of any typos or name change requests (change William to Bill for example). Please send me your current photo and a short bio of what's up with your life. I will include it on your page. See my page for an example: Dale Your picture needs to be a decent closeup for us to recognize it on the webpage. There are many bio's to look at for examples. As a guideline, we want to know where people are and that they are doing OK without it being a competition or intrusion into personal business.

Classmates are listed by last name. Most have a senior picture and those names are active links to that classmate's webpage where you will find their senior mugshot. Classmates that have updated/current information beyond just a senior picture have the names in bold print.

Known deaths are indicated by a ** after the names in the A - Z listings above and names are listed on the Known Deaths page. Please send me a copy of obituaries or memorial information about classmates that have passed on. I will need everybody's help to keep our website accurate. You can email, or snail mail and fax from the webmaster page.