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Derik Sudduth

  adult  pic

Next to the senior portrait we see young Officer Sudduth the first day on the job, recently out of the Los Medanos Police academy in 1979.


The picture on the right shows a handsome young Derik of only 35 just weeks before he passed from an inoperable brain tumor.



In Loving Memory of

Officer Derik Sudduth Sr.
June 15, 1955 – November 8, 1990

Derik Sudduth passed away in 1990 at 35 from an inoperable brain tumor. He was a popular and well respected Richmond Police Officer at the time of his death. He served his hometown community with pride trying to make Richmond a better place to live. Derik was loved my many as the documents below and news articles will attest. Please see the news articles at this link regarding Derik's passing and community's response.

Godspeed Brother Derik, you are missed.