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Welcome to the home of the "El Cerrito High School 70's Reunion."©2012

The first ECHS 70's Reunion©2012 was held in August of 2013 with just over 200 classmates and friends attending. This reunion series will take place every 5 years and is co-managed by committees from the class of 72, 73 and 74. Anybody with a connection to that era is welcome to attend these events. Combining classes for reunions is inevitable to have enough people to make the events affordable. We welcome anybody that might have missed their last reunion or just wants to see longtime friends. Please pass the word about this website, even if you aren't interested in reunions, as you may be in touch with classmates we aren't.

Saturday Aug 4rd, 2018

******Mini Reunion Event details below******


35th Reunion Pictures
40th Reunion Pictures (still under construction)


**************************June 26th, 2018 Update***********************

It is with much disappointment that the reunion committee has concluded we have no choice but to scale back the reunion as planned. There is simply not enough headcount to cover expenses for the Fratellanza Club, DJ, Photos etc. Keep the Aug 4th date open as there is enough interest to hold a scaled down event at an appropriate sized venue depending on how many end up attending. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we have no idea what we’d do with 40 -50 extra chicken dinners. Please use the ECHS 70’s Reunion or ECHS Class of 73 Facebook pages to discuss or watch for further announcements. I will also update the 73 website ( with updates. You can also email us at for Dale Myer or Vicki Berndt at vicki.berndt@gmail for Class of 74. Anybody feeling connected to the early to mid-seventies is welcome to attend. Please let us know if you plan to attend. Silence or a thumbs up doesn’t help.


Date: Saturday August 4th, 2018 (scaled back event)
Time: 2pm-6pm
Place: McBears Social Club, 10458 San Pablo Ave. EC, Near Stockton, park in B of A lot after 2pm. DJ Vince will be spinning tunes from back in the day.
Cost: Free - Buy your own Beverages and there will be a tip jar to cover minor expenses

If you are on Facebook, please ask to join the El Cerrito High 70's Reunion page and join in the conversation with others that are attending. Check in on the page if you are attending or email Dale Myer so we can get a headcount for fingerfood.

Our policy as always:

Complaints must be submitted in writing on the back of a fifty dollar bill and mailed to the webmaster.