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Welcome to the home of the "El Cerrito High School 70's Reunion."©2012

The first ECHS 70's Reunion©2012 was held in August of 2013 with just over 200 classmates and friends attending. This reunion series will take place every 5 years and is co-managed by committees from the class of 72, 73 and 74. Anybody with a connection to that era is welcome to attend these events. Combining classes for reunions is inevitable to have enough people to make the events affordable. We welcome anybody that might have missed their last reunion or just wants to see longtime friends. Please pass the word about this website, even if you aren't interested in reunions, as you may be in touch with classmates we aren't.

Saturday Aug 4rd, 2018


The first 70's Reunion (2013) is in the history books! Pictures coming soon. We can't thank
Virginia Young SmugMug Photography for taking professional portraits non-stop
giving people and groups a free 5x7 portrait which included in the cost of the event.
Use the link to view the portraits done at the reunion. Awesome Job Virginia and
We had 3 former teachers as guests including Frat Club member Coach
Quirico who was bartending.

35th Reunion Pictures
40th Reunion Pictures (under construction)

Class of 72 Reunion Committee Page TBD
Class of 73 Reunion Committee Page
Class of 1974 Reunion Committee Page

Date: Saturday August 4th, 2018
Time: 6pm until 11:30
Place: The Fratellanza Club Oakland, CA

For third time in a row we are cutting it close with the price per person. Please remember reunion committee members are taking on some level of financial risk hoping for a minimum number of people to show up!

Cost: Still $50 - cost of food is up a few bucks but we're counting on good attendance
Use 73 if you are outside of 72/73/74 as we do welcome people from that "era".
1972 Classmates please see your 1972 reunion committee page for more details (TBD)
1974 Classmates please see your 1974 reunion committee page for more details

****Please make checks out to " El Cerrito High 70's Reunion".************
*******Include names of guests etc. that you are paying for so they get a nametag******
***********Ladies, Your Maiden name will help us greatly too!***********

Class of 1973 mailing address: Please understand, in spite of what you might hear, we
El Cerrito Class of 73 NEVER have and simply can't offer "pay-at-the-door".
P.O. Box 153 We must order food and pay for it prior to the event.
Clayton, CA 94517  


Details: Fun, Food, Music and Memories
We were happy with the selection of the Fratellanza Club as the location of our 70's reunion. The hard work of getting down to details paid off. The evening included a sitdown family style Italian dinner and professional DJ music. The large facility allowed folks to escape from the music area/dance floor and enjoy a sideroom for visiting. Unlike our past reunions, the cost of the facility, food and drinks made for a more economical event. We involve random classmates to speak during the dinner to make it more down to earth.

Please keep the 2018 date open and keep us updated with your current email address by emailing Dale Myer for Class 73 or email the 72 committee (TBD)or 74 Committee to report in for your class. Also, you are welcome to provide suggestions or feedback to any committee member. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Complaints must be submitted in writing on the back of a fifty dollar bill and mailed to the webmaster.

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