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Updated thoughts -2023
Why I left ECHS after 10th grade - I wanted to share with my classmates why I decided to leave ECHS for Kennedy after the 10th grade as many people don't know the story. I wanted to take auto shop at ECHS but the caoch at EC wouldn't allow it! So I transfered to Kennedy and was the first girl in auto shop and I got an A+!  

Updated in 2010 -
Jann Dorothy Abraham (yes, that's how they'll remember me!)

Born: 12/7/55 Berkeley, CAL.
raised in Kensington
attended Kensington Hilltop Elementary, Adams Jr. High 7th-8th, Portola 9th, EC 10th and 11th-12th JFK
Graduated 5th in the class of 372 students
Graduated a semester early
Graduated UC Davis 1976 BA American Studies
two year fellowship to Univ of Alabama (tuscaloosa - roll tide) MA American Studies (finished in winter 1978, degree awarded spring '79)
Began working in RADIO (volunteer) at UCSB station 1973
Began professional RADIO career in Tuscaloosa at WTUG 1978
Moved to New Orleans 1980 to work at many N. O. radio stations 1980-89
Began teaching in the New Orleans Public Schools fall '89
Returned to UNO (part of LSU system) to get teacher certification/M. Ed. completed 1993
Teacher in the New Orleans Public Schools 1989 through KATRINA, which blew us apart
State of La. took over NOPS. "I am now teaching at one of the only four traditional public schools left in New Orleans after the state took over and chartered our entire school system.  I teach Gifted Pre-K at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School."

J Dixey Faciane aka Jann Abraham

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