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Brooke Miller ('74)

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I live in Los Altos, down on the Peninsula.  I've lived on the Peninsula since graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Natural Resources Management degree. I've been in 'human' resources management in Silicon Valley for over 25 years.  I currently am the Human Resources Director at ESP, an environmental software company in Mountain View.  I was semi-retired between 1997-2004. It was nice/not so nice.  I have a 20-year old daughter, and a 12-year old son. I have been single now for 10 years.  My mom and sister still live in Kensington, although I don't go over there too often.  I'm a 'bird' person. I spend my time out birding, taking photos of birds, learning about birds, and playing with my two parrots Lucy & Tango.  In my free time I bird and do anything that can be done outdoors (hiking, camping, anything in the water); play my flutes, listen to music, hack on my computer, and take lots of photos; sometimes I even sleep!  Life is a journey!
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