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Bill Throssell

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My wife and I stopped in EC last summer to visit my Mom and sister who still reside there. I drove by the "campus" several times and concur that the absence of the main buildings and the proliferation of portables is eye-opening!

I'm in my final year of "public education"...retirement date is July 1, 2007. The past three years I've been released from teaching to serve as vice-president of our teacher's union. When people ask me how I like it, my usual response is that instead of dealing with crazy students I'm dealing with crazy adults. Really, though, it's been a wonderful experience, but I'm happy to be looking forward to a different challenge.

My wife has been retired for three years now, and we built a home in Goodyear AZ, where she spends most of the time while I still work. I've racked up a few air miles visiting her on my vacation times! It's been tough being apart for extended periods of time, but that will soon be a distant memory.

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