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Christie Monson

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January 2007

I graduated from CSU Fresno with a degree in Deaf Education.  Immediately after that, discovered that we no longer have enough deaf kids to keep teachers of the deaf employed, (a nice problem) so went to a few more schools to get my special ed credentials to teach students with learning disabilities and behavior problems.   I taught in the public school system ‘til I dropped, and since 2001, have been in business for myself, tutoring high school and middle school students, helping them get their homework done so their parents won’t ground them.  (I spent all of 8th and 9th grades being grounded, so I have a lot of empathy with my students.)   I find it much more rewarding to be able to give each kid undivided attention, which always felt impossible in the schools.  

No kids of my own, but I love being an aunt to my sister’s 4 kids.   Am in a writer’s group that started meeting in our favorite independent bookstore after closing time. (It’s better than being a kid locked in a candy store.)   Recently joined a completely amateur women’s chorus.  We privately call ourselves the Menopausal Minstrels.  We laugh more than we sing, and no, there is no CD forthcoming.  If everyone’s luck holds out, there never will be. 

Life is good. 


December 2008 Update!  I have written a book called The Jesus Question: Daring to Walk the Path of Peace.  It is now available at your favorite independent bookstore or at by clicking the link above.   

Essentially, the book asks, if Jesus taught peacemaking, forgiveness, and compassion, and if a Christian is a person who follows Jesus, then why are Christians supporting wars and other violence?  It is a call to all Christians to ask, are they Christians in name only, or do they really follow Jesus?  I give many examples of courageous people who follow Jesus as they walk through harrowing challenges.  I also provide research and suggestions for how we can help our children to make wise and compassionate decisions in order to create a more peaceful world.   


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