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Richard Korb

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I've had my share of ups and downs like all of us... but life is good overall...divorced w/3 adorable kids..back living in Kensington, after 20 years in San Ramon...both parents are gone... friends say I'm a solid man with a good heart and sense of humor but of course they're probably lying...I’m still 5'11'' tall, 195 lbs although it takes alot more work to stay fit doesn't it… I’m a lawyer by day...sorry about that...I love the outdoors...I’m well- traveled ( lived in France and Japan)-- love the French language,country and cuisine...(sorry, is that worse than being a lawyer?), and yet, I remain very down-to-earth. I love the outdoors and travel (particularly skiing, snorkeling/diving in tropics and hiking) but I'm content being surrounded by a few good friends, good conversation and of course, a good bottle of wine...on that note,wasn't "SIDEWAYS" a great movie?

I  try to live my life with purpose, appreciating what I have rather than longing for what I don't, while not taking myself too seriously and not sweating the small stuff--but I have to admit my journey (and growth) since 1973 has been a never-ending (and often-humbling) process.

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Richard Korb

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