Student Comments and Thoughts about Mr. Morehouse

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Hi all,

I attended Mr. Morehouse's Memorial Service on Monday.
Attached is the program and also an article from the Contra Costa County Times. 
The service was mighty fine, albeit pretty long (2 hrs, 50 min).
I left right after the service, but the City of Richmond declared Mr. Morehouse a VIP Dignitary of the community and was to give him an official RPD motorcade motorcycle police escort to the cemetery. 
I "guesstimate" there were some 300-400 in attendance, which I think is spectacular considering it was a work day.
Some of the ECHS folks I saw included Larry Quirico, Frank Milo, Jim Perero, Marcia Faussett, Vince Rhea, Winston Ficklin, Antoine Pickett and Brian Nichols. 
Among all of the folks that got up to speak, they covered all the terms that describe Mr. Morehouse (father figure, friend to all, always had a smile, humble, honorable, etc...) except one.
I will declare, here & now, that James Morehouse was "one class act" beyond compare !!!
Curtis Uejo

"Mr. Morehouse was psychic. And he had X-ray vision. And if you weren't in class ... he knew it !!!"Rest in Peace Mr. Morehouse !
Don S.

Mr. Morehouse was a true leader. During his time at El Cerrito High School he touched our souls and brightened our days. During a time of civil unrest (1968-1972), Mr. Morehouse was always able to lead by example. Walking down the halls of El Cerrito High School, it was always comforting to be greeted by a smiling f...ace at the door. He created strong bonds. Mr. Morehouse encouraged us to overcome our fears, to go to class, and to achieve our goals. We were triumphant because he believed in us. Mr. Morehouse helped us face our challenges, never as one, but TOGETHER. Thank you Mr. Morehouse----Linda Wells "71" and The Mitchell Family.
40 years since graduating from ECHS, don't remember many of the teachers - but fondly remember Mr. James Morehouse. Thank you God for allowing him to cross each of our paths! Dennis Mitchell

Very sorry to hear about Mr Moorehouse he was a great man help me in many ways.
Eddie Horn "73"

Very sorry to hear about the passing of Mr. Moorhouse. Such a blessing of this website to post this and to make us aware of a true saint going on to glory to a better place. I have fond memories and luaghs thinking about him. Thanks for birthing this website and being such a blessing to the class of 73... God Bless you and your family Dale. - Marilyn J. Wallace - Williams. "73"
Mr. Morehouse was a wonderful man. He always reached out to all of us! He truly is someone I will always remember! - Barbara Cain Parker
I remember Mr. Morehouse during the Martin Luther King troubles when I was a kid. He worked like Crazy to get everyone back on an even Keel. - Keith Parrish 74
I remember him too - getting us all to chill out...great guy. - Jani Fredericks Creighton
I remember Mr. Morehouse. He was an awesome person. He connected with all of us. He will be missed. - Lizette Muhammed "70"
Rest in Peace Mr. Morehouse. - Keir Wells