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J Craig Fong

71   J Fong

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6/2007 - I transferred to JFK in 1971 but have memories of people at El Cerrito.   After graduation in 1973, I spent bright college years in New Haven CT, expatriot intercultural years in Yokohama Japan, dreary law school years in Philadelphia PA, and soak up a new language time in Madrid Spain.

My career has included litigation for a SF firm, bank mergers and acquisitions for a Chicago firm, and corporate work in Los Angeles.  I was always a slow learner; it took years before I realized just how much I loathed being a corporate lawyer.  I began doing civil rights organizing in Los Angeles for Asians & Pacific Islanders and nationally for the gay and lesbian community.   I have settled down to do immigration and nationality law at my own firm in Hollywood, CA.

I am happily married to Andrew David Jackson from Manchester, England.  We live in Hollywood with our four-cat family.  We spend about 3 months out of the year at our apartment in Paris, where I decompress, work out, drink lots of coffee, and attempt to write the Great American Novel.  

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