Classmates, if you can read this..... You're over 64 and we're still alive! Congratulations!
Please use the Contact Us page to keep us informed of your whereabouts and any news regarding our classmates.

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New addition to the main menu...... "Other EC Class Links" . If you are the class contact for a different year or know who is then we need your info for listing on the contacts page. After all, this site is all about keeping us in touch. We ("73") might have sucked at homecoming floats but we have one of the best class websites and we enjoy our reunions. Please pass the word to anybody that wants to be listed as a class contact!

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50th "The 70's Reunion©" - 2023
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35th Reunion Pictures

Note from the webmaster..... With the advent of Facebook and the various Facebook groups, I have given up trying to update this page. Remember, this website was built before Facebook came along so this page has served its purpose.

- With much sadness I must pass along a message received through the 73 website. Class of 75 grad Karen Gehling (the late David Gehling's sister) passed away on Thursday Jan 19, 2012 in New York state. This word came from her little sister Emily who is trying to contact 75’rs Joanne Holbrook and Philipa Harper. Karen married a man from New York while serving in the Coast Guard. They had three children - David, Alyson and Andrew. They divorced and Karen remarried in 2001, Services for Karen will be in Elmira, NY on February 4th. Please pass the word and see if we can find Joanne and Philipa. Have them and anybody else that was close to Karen email me (  for Emily’s contact info.

1/1/2012 - Happy New Year!

2/9/2011 - Happy New Year! I finally got caught up on some website cleanup and additions. The progress link on the home page now shows some finished high school shots. We're getting a little buzz going as we look forward to our 40th reunion which will be a multi-class reunion. We decided to combine at the last one which worked out great. We're bring one more class into the fold and are waiting to hear if 1975 wants to join. The necessity of combining classes is basic math as time moves on and we decided to do it before we're all on Medicare. As always.... send in your adult mugshots and let us know you're still out there!

5/16/2010 - Class of 1990 - For all of you Gauchos from the Class of 1990, I want to let you know that we're having our class reunion on July 10, 2010. For more details check out our FB page. ECHS c/o 1990
Alumni or e-mail me with questions. Thanks, Larry Fox! Please email to or at the e-mail I set up for the alumni group or, either will go to me.

5/16/2010 - Class of 1970 has announced their reunion later this year. Don’t miss out on the 40th reunion for the ECHS Class of 1970. Share memories with ECHS alumni with Great Food, Fun and Entertainment on November 26, 2010.
WHERE: El Cerrito Country Club located at 7901 Cutting Blvd, El Cerrito
MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: “The ECHS Class of 1970 Reunion” ($60.00 per person)
MAIL PAYMENTS... TO: Risha Slade, 470 Steffan St., Vallejo, CA 94591.
To contribute to a Fabulous Slide Show, please email your pictures to Glen Bell at

4/12/2010 - With much sadness I must inform you that Mr. Morehouse, our ECHS Student Services Conselor passed away on April 7th. A memorial service will be held for Mr. Morehouse on April 19th at 11 a.m. at the Richmond Civic Center Auditorium.

2/19/2010 - My Bad. I received this note a while back and meant to share it with everybody. Better late than never.
Hey there Mr. Myer,
I hope you still remember me.  I am Derik's younger brother,  Charles (Class of 82) whom you had e-mailed a year or two ago.  I'm just sending a little messege saying hello and also I have some funny but good news to share with you.
This year I was asked to coach El Cerrito High's Freshmen basketball team.  And I accepted being a proud alumni.  The school has not had a freshmen team for years, so I had a small turnout of players that joined that have not played organized basketball before.   We only played four games so far and haven't win yet, but the young men are improving very rapid.  Say a little prayer for our season.  And Let's Go Mighty Gauchos.  One day, we will be that dominate force again and real soon.  The varsity is doing pretty good.  Right now, they are 5-1. The EC basketball teams have a website: There are photos and current news on the progress of each team and the up-coming games. 
Well Dale, have a blessed day.  Thanks for being a good friend to my brother Derik. 
Charles Sudduth 

1/24/2009 - Happy New Year! Join us on Facebook. I'm new to Facebook but there is an EC Class of 73 group that's growing everyday. The more people we find, the bigger the 40th reunion will be!

- Received more sad news today. AnnSnyder lost her battle with Cancer in August of 2008.

12/10/2009 - Received sad news today that our classmate Sharon Maves has passed away. Please visit her page for more details. Their will be a Celebration of Sharon's Life on Saturday February 6, 2010, in Berkeley.  For details, contact Christie Monson at

9/19/2009 - Saw some old friends today at Verb and Strad's Annual BBQ. See the group photo and see how many classmates you can find amongst the guests.

6/14/2009 - Website and email traffic has been slow. Good time to send in your adult pictures and touch base with us.

5/9/2009 - Watch for Drew!  Cathy Van Heuit writes saying: "I was wondering if anyone has noticed that our Drew Letchworth is in the new Verizon commercial? He's the conductor demanding to see the Verizon crew's tickets."

5/3/2009 - Looking for Joe Norman class of 1972 - Classmates and friends have heard Joe is ill and are trying to contact him. We're looking for some help from the Gaucho Grapevine. Anyone with Joe's whereabouts or contact info, please email me asap!
Dale Myer - ***** Contact made with the help of a classmate. Thanks!******

- Just in time for the season, Christie Monson has written a book called The Jesus Question: Daring to Walk the Path of Peace.  It is now available at your favorite independent bookstore or at See Christie's page for more details. Congratulations Christie, getting a book published is a major accomplishment and we are proud of your success!  

12/18/2008 - On behalf of the 72 & 73 reunion committees, I would like to wish everybody a happy and safe holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah! Be safe, don't drink and drive and have a Happy New Year! Your friend, Dale.

9/8/2008 - With deep sorrow I must pass the news that my brother and our friend Chuck Myer, Class of 1971, has lost his fight with Melanoma on 9/6/2008. Chuck was active with Marching Band and drama and I thank all the high school pals that have contacted me since my May post below. We welcomed over 500 people in a Celebration of Life for Chuck Saturday, September 13th at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento, Pastor Faith Whitmore presiding, followed by a lunch reception. The service featured a variety of music, the telling of Chuck's life story by his good friend Pastor Don Fado, and a musical multi-media picture tribute.

9/5/2008 - We've added more reunion pictures to the reunion page. If you have reunion pictures in your camera, send them to me!

8/1/2008 - I've heard from several people that Nancy Emmons passed away. Can anybody get me an obituary or some sort of confirmation so we can honor her on her webpage.

7/21/2008 - I will be away on a fishing trip returning on the 29th to check the P.O. Box for final checks. Emails won't be answered until I get back from a long overdue vacation. Reunion payments must be in the PO Box by July 29th for the food ordering headcount. Sorry but we cannot have any last minute pay at the door attendees due to food ordering. IF you are a last minute signup or have a hardship case, please contact Kevin or Jon on the 73 committee link or the 72 committee if you need something while I'm away. Emails are on the committee page links located on the reunion page. Click on the reunion link just above this message. - Dale

6/21/2008 - My grammar school friend and our classmate Fire Captain David Gehling passed away yesterday after a long illness. Details on services are on his webpage. David Gehling

5/26/2008 - Attention class of 1971 and friends of Chuck Myer. Chuck is entering a hospice program as his fight with Melanoma has ended. They have run out of treatment options as Melanoma is nasty once it gets beyond a certain point. I know Chuck would like to hear from his EC pals in band and drama so please contact me asap at for Chuck's contact info if you can drop him a card in the mail. Thanks.

5/24/2008 - A mass email went out today asking for everybody's help. We have heard from tons of people that say they are coming to the reunion. Unfortunately the PO Box isn't busting at the seams with checks. Two years of planning and prep are on the line as we need a minimum amount of funding to cover expenses. We have a non-refundable deposit from our pockets sitting out there. Simple math.... if we don't get enough people signed up in the next month or so, we'll need to make a decision. Please don't sweat us down to the wire! Click on the reunion info link above and get signed up. We put it together but need classmates to seal the deal!

5/20/2008 - Attention Class of 1968! Go to the home page and click on the "Other EC Class links" to read info about your 40th Reunion this coming November!

4/18/2008 - Please note the date change immediately below regarding the Drama Freaks Gathering.

4/1/2008 - Attention 1970's drama students: Jude Pipes and Joe Paulino cordially invite you to The FIFTH Annual Drama Freak and Related Persons Spontaneous Luncheon at LaVals Northside: 1834 Euclid near Hearst by the UC Berkeley Campus,NEW DATE: Saturday, MAY 31th 2008, at 11:30 a.m. Click here at your own risk for the whole message. The 2007 had a good turn out maybe 40 or so folks came from the 70's classes. Nice time visiting with old friends.

3/15/2008 - The "1973 Earlybird Special" ends in 2 weeks! Many people have left notes on the website that they will attend but haven't dropped us an email for contact info. Please email us here and let us know if you're coming or not so at least we have your email contact. The committee really starts sweating about now when we don't hear from people after several years of prep work. Note the hompage music selection of the Temptations "Ain't to proud to beg". We're begging for contact now that we're on the home stretch!

1/5/2008 - The Class of 76 would like to invite you to an informal ECHS class reunion on January 12! See Details here

- The Class of 1968 has also asked us to be on the lookout for their classmates for the 40th reunion in 2008! 68'ers can contact Paul Bailey at , Jeanne Lotta-Sellars, Carol Da Silva, Yvonne LePage Schwartz or Lynn Green for further details. Watch here for more reunion details.

11/7/2006 - The Class of 1958 has asked us to be on the lookout for their classmates. They are holding their 50th Reunion in 2008! Contacts are: Joe Stadum , Gerry Fraser Bertnick or Ken Johnson

11/5/2006 The webmaster (Dale) will be any from the internet from Nov 10th to Nov 22nd on an annual fishing trip. I'll answer emails upon return or more likely over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

10/29/2007 In the past 3 weeks we're averaging about 100 page hits a day. Most people are looking at the classmate picture section. During that time not one new profile has been sent in. If you are out there enjoying reading about your classmates but haven't updated your own, what are you waiting for?? Drop an email to the webmaster (see "Contact Us" above) with a short bio about where you are and what you're up to! We will update your webpage. An adult picture would be nice.

10/1/2007 We're up to 69 profiles that have info beyond the just yearbook photo. That's about 15% of our class..... we can do better. Please send us your bio! It can be short and sweet, just let us know you're alive and well. If you have a business and would like it listed under the classmates business section, send us the website and contact info. And, yes, we want your adult picture!

9/15/2007 Was pleased to be invited to Jon Stradford and Verbin Young's "Annual BBQ". Great seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. Check out this photo and see how many classmates you recognize.

8/25/2007 Please check out the reunion page for an important update about our upcoming reunion. Let us know if you plan to attend (no commitments yet) so we can plan accordingly.

6/22/2007 There was a memorial service Saturday 6/23 for our brother Kevin Mack who passed away a few days ago. See Kevin's page for details.

5/2/2007 - I'm back online after a hard drive crash on my laptop. My laptop is where I edit the website before placing the new items onto the live internet website server. Please report any backwards changes in case I was in the middle of edits when I lost the drive. I am still searching for my email backups so anything sent to me prior to mid-April may be gone.

3/19/2007 - Attention 1970's drama students: Jude Pipes and Joe Paulino cordially invite you to The FOURTH Annual Drama Freak and Related Persons Spontaneous Luncheon at LaVals Northside: 1834 Euclid near Hearst by the UC Berkeley Campus was Saturday, MAY 26th at 11:30 a.m. Click here at your own risk for the whole message. Report: Good turn out maybe 40 or so folks came from the 70's classes. Nice time visiting with old friends.

2/9/2007 - OK! We're getting enough hits on the counter to make me believe there are actually people out there! Please join the brave few already onboard by sending us a profile and current picture. If you enjoy reading about the few that have contributed, just think about if we could double or triple the number of current profiles. I'm happy to list a link to your hobby or business website in your profile. What are you waiting for? Scan through the classmates section for names in bold print for samples of what people have sent in if you need ideas. Or, use this sample outline for a cut-n-paste headstart.

1/27/2007 I added a web hit counter to track unique hits (hits from different users). I'm just trying to get an idea how many people are finding the site. If you are reading this and haven't sent in a profile.... what are you waiting for? We need as many classmates as possible passing the word so we can have a good turnout in 2008 for the 35th reunion. Currently we have about 40 profiles updated with a few more promised.

1/9/2007 Happy New Year! People are slowly sending in profile info. In the Classmates section I've put names in bold that have any added information and/or photos beyond just the yearbook photos to make it easier to find the updated profiles.

12/9/2006 Again I must report the loss of a very popular teacher or rather "Coach". I learned today that Coach John Nules passed away a few months ago. Please click on his name to read his memorial. In honor of his passing, drop and give him 10 or take a lap. Godspeed Coach.

11/2/2006 Sadly today I found the obituary of one of my favorite teachers Mr. Higley in the morning paper. Mr. Higley was my first shop teacher at Portola JHS. Whether in class or years later running into to him at Pastime Hardware, he was always kind, helpful and took the time to convey his knowledge to you. Safety was always stressed in Mr. Higley’s class and all shop classes. Godspeed Mr Higley and thanks to teachers like you I still have all my fingers. Mr. Higley's Obituary

11/1/2006 The webmaster (Dale) will be any from the internet from Nov 10th to Nov 22nd on a fishing trip. I'll answer emails upon return more likely over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

10/30/2006 All yearbook pictures are entered! I will fill in missing pictures from older yearbooks as time allows. Please use the sample to provide a quick profile and contact info. Plans are in the works for the 2008 reunion with a new location and format.

10/24/2006 Don't know whether to laugh or cry. For those of you outside the Bay Area, there was a news article today showing Contra Costa College slowly suffering damage because it straddles the Hayward Fault. The art building is being shutdown. How lucky have we been all these years going to school while sitting on top of a powder keg. ECHS was torn down because they said it would collapse in a big quake. Now CCC is deciding whether to retrofit or move. I hope everybody reading this that lives in earthquake country will take time to review how quake ready you are as our luck won't last forever. Be prepared with a week's worth of supplies if you live in the Eastbay.

10/23/2006 All yearbook pictures have been scanned and are deep within the bowels of the website. I'm slowly getting everybody's link activated that had a yearbook picture or that have contacted me. The A through P pages are done along with some random pages towards the end. Please take a minute or two and send a couple of paragraphs about what you've been up to since high school so we can all catch up. I'd like to attach an adult picture next to your high school picture if you have one to send. This site can only get better if we can fill in the blanks about our mates. Pass the word about ths site to classmates that may not know about it. Let me know if a classmate has passed away so I can build a memorial on their page. We might have had 3rd place homecoming floats but I believe we are the first EC class with their own actual website. Thanks, Dale Myer

9/27/2006 I received an email message tonight that Deb Haroldson (bio) passed away today in Redding, CA. Her classmate page has been updated in the "H" listings section. Click "bio" above to go directly to Deb's page.

8/8/2006 I received an email note stating a favorite math teacher, Mr Sandy Berman, passed away in July. With help from several classmates from 73 & 75 I was directed to this Contra Costa Times notice. (see obituary)

4/27/2006 Our principal, Dr Frank Granucci passed away today. Please see the link to his obituary for a synopsis of his life.

4/18/2006 My scanner is misbehaving just as I am starting to add people's bio pages. Please bear with me and I will add the yearbook pictures to the bio pages as soon as I figure out the technology issues.

4/18/2006 Anonymous comment received via email regarding the tribute to the original school color: "Thanks for coloring the background "monkey vomit green."   We need to remember those things.  They said the color was army surplus, left over from WWII, and designed by a psychologist to "calm us down."  FAT CHANCE."

4/12/2006 On February 27th 2006, classmate Bill Jensen (bio) suffered a fatal heart attack. There was a celebration of life in Bill's honor on Saturday May 6th, 2006 at 1PM with a buffet luncheon served following. Location was Salute Ristorante, 1900 Esplanade Way, Marina Bay, Richmond, CA. ( The celebration was hosted by Bill's sister Barbara Cooper. She can be reached at To honor Bill's love of Hawaii, Aloha wear was optional. It was a colorful event as many came Hawaiian style. Bill was blessed with many friends and it was a sad but wonderful way to say goodbye to a dear friend.

3/4/2006 Welcome to our high school class website. It will be work in progress while I get all the pictures scanned and loaded but I wanted to get it up and available even if not everything was complete. Let me know if you see things that need to be corrected. It is important and helpful that people send in their contact information (email) and I will list that on your page if desired.

3/4/2006 Most people got the 30th reunion memories slide show. Some had compatibility problems. I know we owe a few people the 30th Reunion slideshow. When I tried finding a format that would work for everybody I was unsuccessful so I put it on the shelf. After I get this site online, I will re-engage that project as there may be newer software packages available for media displays.