Sample Profile Information


After High School I..... attended XXXX college/ went to work at XXXXX as a XXXXXXX/ joined the military/ ?????

Today I'm: married/single/widowed/ divorced, with kids/no kids/pets/other living in the XXXXXX area.

Tell us about any hobbies, talents, travels etc. These are of great interest to your old classmates too.

List any web links you want posted that show your work, business or personal websites you'd like to share.

Contact info: List your email, phone#, mailing address ONLY if you want it posted in your profile. Personally I suggest
only listing your email if you wish contacts from old friends. This will limit abuse of your address and phone#s that
others may harvest from this and other internet sites.

*********SEND US AN ADULT PICTURE to go next to your 73 photo!***********
We're all over 50 so don't worry about what you look like today. Send me your grown up photos
and our site will be much more fun. I can Photoshop pictures if you need me to pick you out of a group etc.


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