Host:  Joe Paulino & Jude Pipes
Location:  LaVals - Northside
1834 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709
When Saturday, May 31, 11:30AM (<---NEW DATE!! as of 4/18/08)
Phone 415 331 4JOE
Please join Joe Paulino & Jude Pipes for our 5th year of comandeering
the outside patio at LaVals Northside for an afternoon of old friends,
faded memories, good conversation, mediocre pizza and tepid beer.

There will be no Organized Festivities.
There will be no Reservations.
There will be no Name Tags.
There will be no Open Bar.
There will be all the food and beverages
you want to buy for Yourself.

If sometime in the 1970's, you spent quality time in that massive pile
of dirt formerly known as: The Pit, The Gutter, The Tool Room,
The Dungeon, The Stage, The Choir Room, The Band Room,
Mu's Office, the roof, behind the backstop,
or that overgrown area behind the Little Theatre....
...we hope to see you there.

Life is too short and unpredictable for you to not rearrange your
complicated existence and busy schedule to come to this thing.

Jude ( and Joe (
will be there and they hope that you will be too.


PS - please feel free to forward details of this invitation to any
person or persons who meet the above criteria and you feel may benefit from a gathering of this nature.

PPS - Jude and Joe have agreed to buy a pitcher of beer and a small
pizza for the person who travels the greatest distance to attend this
PPPS - yearbooks, memorablilia, and/or photos - including photos of kids (&/or grandkids) as well as digital photographic implements
to aid in the posting of pictures on the web afterwards for those who don't show are all accepted.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.