This is your FIRST WARNING.
There may be OTHERS.

They can blow up our High School.
They can tear down our Theatre.
They can eliminate Arts from Public Schools.
They can dismiss the 70's as a weird statistical blip.
They can send us applications to join AARP.
They can put Maalox in in our Boone's Farm Apple Wine.

But they can't take away our right to eat mediocre pizza and drink tepid beer in a beautiful Time-Warped
Berkeley patio as we reminisce with old friends about times and experiences perhaps best left forgotten.

Jude Pipes and Joe Paulino cordially invite you to
The FOURTH Annual Drama Freak and Related Persons Spontaneous Luncheon
at LaVals Northside: 1834 Euclid near Hearst by the UC Berkeley Campus,
Saturday, MAY 26th at 11'30 a.m.

There will be no Organized Festivities.
There will be no Reservations made.
There will be no Name Tags.
There will be no Open Bar.
There will be all the food and beverages you want to buy for Yourself.

If you spent quality time in that massive pile of dirt formerly known as
The Pit, The Gutter, The Tool Room, The Dungeon,
The Stage, The Choir Room,  The Band Room.
Mu's Office, the roof, behind the backstop,
or that overgrown area on the other side of the Little Theatre.... really should come to this thing.

(And so, to recap:
LaVals Northside 1834 Euclid near Hearst by the UC Berkeley Campus,
Saturday, MAY 26th at 11'30 a.m. )

Life is too short and unpredictable for you to not rearrange your
complicated existence and busy schedule so you can come to this thing.
Jude ( and Joe (
will be there and they hope that you will be too.



Jude & Joe

PS - as we would like to make this gathering as large and as confusing as possible,
please feel free to forward this email to any and all people who meet the above criteria
and that you feel may benefit from a gathering of this nature.

PPS - Jude and Joe have agreed to buy a pitcher of beer and a small pizza for the person who travels the greatest distance to attend this event.
Last year it was Rick Brown who cruised in from France.

PPPS -  if anyone wants to bring yearbooks, memorabilia and/or photos, as well as photographic implements to send pictures around on the web afterwards for those who don't show, that would be great.