Dale Myer - Data Center Infrastructure Consultant
XXXXXXXXXX- Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP)


Data Center Site Environment Troubleshooter & Airflow Distribution Specialist and Energy Efficiency Specialist

Mr. Myer retired from Hewlett-Packard Company as a technology consultant after 26 years of service. He is nationally known as a data center site environment troubleshooter and airflow specialist. Leaps in technology have customers finding their data centers aren’t suited to support new equipment such as blade servers. This new high density equipment causes power distribution and cooling challenges. Mr. Myer’s specialty is doing mid-level onsite data center inspections and quickly isolating where low-cost improvements can be made to extend the life of your data center. The cost of a quick analysis is economical compared to bringing in multiple vendors Dale Myer, Data Center Site Environment and Airflow Specialist & his bloodhound, Cal to look at separate pieces of the data center infrastructure. Mr. Myer’s data center survey report explains the overall picture allowing the customer to bring in only the vendor needed for the specific area of need. When server equipment has exceeded the design intent of the current data center, Mr. Myer can help you design a solution for retrofitting the current site or build a new data center.  A California state licensed electrical contractor since 1993, Mr. Myer is practiced in both communicating with your facility staff and clearly explaining data center issues to your non-technical decision makers.  He is also fluent in TileFlow Simulation Software ( and has learned the tricks of the trade in the relatively new data center energy efficiency arena. As a volunteer Bloodhound handler for 15 years, Dale can sniff out any problems and track down the solutions for your data center environment.

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Certifed by the Department of Energy's Data Center Energy Practitioner program, Dale is well versed in the latest energy efficiency technologies including the cold aisle containment, hot aisle containment, wireless monitoring and control systems coming on the market as well as the garden variety problems that plague your average data center. Not all data centers are the same and a sound approach is to establish a baseline understanding of each of your data centers before making any large purchases. Dale likes to refer to his data center assessment approach as “a cross between computer room speed dating and an Easter egg hunt ”.  After inspecting thousands of data centers large and small nationwide, Dale will come in solo and quickly do a mid-level review covering 16 general topics. A written report prioritizing what needs the most attention, and where the most efficiency can be gained with a good ROI will be provided. What makes sense to modify one data center might be a waste of time at another site.

Let TICG help you with our standard offerings such as: Site Assessment, Site Preparation - Site Planning, Troubleshooting Data Center Problems, Airflow Analysis, Cooling Analysis, Hot and Cold Aisle Containment, Energy Efficiency Analysis, Equipment Relocation Planning, Data Center Design, Training, Raised Floor Performance Grounding, Seismic Safety Analysis - Seismic Bracing, Custom Solutions. Anything else? Just ask!

For specialty projects anywhere from seismic bracing to full blown design/build of a new data center, I am partnered with A&E firms such as Bruns-Pak that have the the licensed engineers to create and stamp plans as needed that are beyond my typical solutions.

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